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Friday, February 19, 2010

thanks for the day loves.:)

Date: February 18th 2010
First Location: Manipal, India.

Salam. Hey ppl. (:. Tadaaa~ It's the time to have fun. Woke up on teeeetttt a.m( hihi. don't have to mention here.:D), Ajayian made our way to foodcourt to have our breakfast before the journey began. Journey to Udupi to shop with KECIPAKsss! Weee~ At first, we decided to have a breakfast at Charaka( guys usually have their breakfast there), but since I woke up late and some reasons underlie, we cancelled the plan. Foodcourt sudeyh. Huhuhu~ Having plain dosa was so nice in the morning! ;). The price isn't costy, just 16 rupees. Syikin and Zaty bought something from Subway, while Fara brought CHOCOLATEs from home. and Mira, Ina, Mun didn't buy anything. Tapaw je.=) Done with the breakfast. We finally parked our scooters near the Ice Land to take the bus to go to Udupi. Sangat jimat! only Rs5.:)

Second location: Udupi.

Shoppingg time. Specific place: Big Bazaar. We searched for the things required during the journey to North. :D. and I, bought something, which was actually not in the list.=D. but, still there were things that pretty crucial. heee~ Here are some pictures of what I bought this morning.:)

::yeaaaay! I love this part. 50% off. Without thinking, I just grabbed it. Yeay2, belang-belang. Suka-suka.^_^::

Third location: Malpe Beach and Saint Mary Island.

Finished shoppping. We went back home and after performing the Asar, 7 of us convoi to Malpe using 4 scooters: Maya, Som, Weng-Weng and no-name ( Fara punyer scooter. haha). It was a great experience! Sayang korang muchoooo! From Malpe beach, we took the boat to reach the Saint Mary Island. Below were some pictures. :D
:: view at Saint Mary Island::

:: my loves. kecipak minus fitri:::)

:: it calms me down, sometimes.(:::

::view during sunset is the best! ::

And now, that completes our day. I wish to make an announcement here.

Nurul Fitrilina sangat sayangkan kecipaksss. Thanks, loves for the lovely, memorable day.

Location: Ajay Arcade.

uddenly, ma messaged me.

online skype dak?

I replied back saying yes. Hee. She misses me. Same goes to abah. Rindu sungguh anak dia sorang ni. ;D. Ma, abah, if only you know how I miss you both a lot! huuuu~
I took some pictures during skyping with them. Both their picture. At least, the pictures heals my misses towards 'em. Ma kept advising me to take good care of myself during the tour. Yes, I will ma. Abah kept asking regarding the food I'm going to eat for that whole 3 weeks. Don't have so much worry abah, lots of halal restaurant there. Boys have been there first time before and they surely know which place is safest to have our food. Free diarrhoea, free cholera. :)
:: abah and ma. loves u both a lot!::

and now, it's 3.22am in the morning and surprisingly I'm still awake and why? cz I slept for 4 hours since 9 pm just now. @_@. I'm awake and updating this blog. But somehow, my feeling is mixed up. Results might be released tomorrow. C.U.A.K. :( hanya Tuhan yang tahu. Moga, segala usaha selama ini terbalas. PadaMu aku berserah Ya Tuhan.T.T


aNoZ said...

menarik lah. dgn teman2 dan juga kekasih2. hehe

Fi3LiNa said...

hee. taw takpe. kawan2 juga kekasih2. bess gilerr. ^_^.