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Saturday, February 20, 2010


They say,
Love is blind,
Because you can't see any wrongs when u are in love
Because you simply accept the imperfections of your soulmate with the whole heart
Because you will still be smiling when things sometimes went wrong.

They say,
Love is a gift,
You gain it when you are too lucky,
You feel it when your time has come,
You appreciate it days and night.

They still say,
Love is built unintentionally,
You blink and blink but, it still come,
You refuse and object but, it feels your heart,
You ignore and put it aside, but it controls the mind.

They keep saying,
This is love.
Love and to be loved is undecided,
Love fills the empty soul,
Love keeps you stronger when you lost the faith.
Love is something.:)


aNoZ said...

ni buat sendiri ke? nice~

Fi3LiNa said...

buat sendiri. thanks anoz.:)