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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey Stalker!

I like you without reasons
I care for you without hoping for anything in return
I only look at you from far doesn't mean I am scared of truth
It is just I don't want them to know, I don't want them to judge me
I just want ONLY YOU to know that I am here for you
Come hell or high water, the feelings will never faded
It is uncontrollable, unchangeable as the seasons are changing
Remember the first thing you gave me, I kept it at one corner safely
I don't want to lose it, I don't want to spoil it
Trying to retain it for the rest of my life
Because I appreciate memories and pasts
Some pasts are easily forgotten but some stay in the hearts,
Like the one I created it with you.

People always remind me that, we don't know the future,yet it can't also be predicted,
But, they also say, we can build the strong base for the future,
We can cover it with beautiful and strong roof,
And place a nice floor on the land,
That's how the future starts.:)

Maybe one day we both grow old,
You may have grayish hair, I may have wrinkled unattractive lines over my face
I may stumble while walking, and you may take the steps forward with stick slowly
We may come to 60, 70, and maybe luckily 80,
But one thing I wish from the day I met you till the last day I may see you,
you still remember my name, and where I once stayed which is in your heart,
You still remember the loves, laughs and the cries we share together
And you still remember I have once( not once but thousand times) uttered to you, "you are special to me."


*I mean it. I really do*

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