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Monday, October 10, 2011

Forgive me.

Forgive me if once upon a time I caused the bleed in your heart
Forgive me if those days I disappointed you with what I've done
I used to keep reminded that 'people make mistakes'
From no one else but you
I am impressed with your patience from the day one we've known each other
Talking about those mere mistakes,
They are not small, indeed they are quite large
Enough to make a very long scar
But, you are too good to me
You said, you forgave me and offered me a hug if we were close enough by distance
And that was when the tears dropped down my cheeks
How calm you were back then and tried to cheer me up because of my guilt
My dear, this is a promise from a small heart of mine
I'll treat those mistakes as lessons
I'll bury those wrongdoings in the thick soil
Because those mistakes grow us up
Those mistakes are the good teachers to improve the life
From this moment, have my words
I'll take care of your heart like I take care of mine
I'll feed it with loves and cares like a mother cares a baby
I'll never make you bleed anymore like the past hurt you
Past is the past
Present and future are what matter the most
Seeing you happy with a curve of smile on your face enlighten my day
Keep smiling and be strong to face any obstacles in front of you
Because I will always be there for you love
Either during bright or gloomy days of yours
I'll sit right next to your heart and heal it
Just so you know,

WARONG KAP like I don't know how much to explain..


*Please give this to the right one, the one that owns my heart those days, now and forever. Bersabarlah kerana banyak yang indah bakal tiba insyaAllah.. Amin. :)*

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