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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pantai or best known as Beach

Seniors + Juniors.

Pantai. Or in English word is best known as BEACH. Sometimes, people who appreciate nature love to appreciate a beach. Walking by the seaside, listening to the sound of waves crashing and children playing with the sands calm me down, and enough to make me smile for the whole day.

PANTAI PUTERI, not far from MMMC, was our spot for Rehlah together with the seniors yesterday morning. I woke up at 645 a.m preparing to gather in front of the hostel for the departure. It was fun being there. Playing with the sands making the sandcastle was fascinating although it wasn't our group who made the cute and beautiful castle among us all. :)..

Special thanks to all seniors for the invitation. Hopefully ukhwah that we have built remain for the rest of our lives insyaAllah. :)

-Sandcastle. Teheee. Sorry we weren't creative enough to produce super cute castle. :D-

Indah ciptaan Tuhan. Makhluk Allah s.w.t yang tak pernah lekang dari berzikir mengingatiMU. :)

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