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Sunday, October 30, 2011

someone like you~ *unrelated*

It hurts when you wish you can play at least for 5 minutes in the court but it ended up that you didn't get even a chance to do that. :(. I know I am not good enough to play well, but at least, I tried. When this kinda thing happened, seriously, I don't feel like playing for more. Yeah, I am serious. Main suka-suka dalam kolej lagi best. :").. YKWYA told me something which undeniably true.

"experience doesn't always come when u are in the court, even if u only sit on the bench watching the game being played,u r good enuf."

But, I can't continue it anymore. I am sorry my dear.:"(

But, alhamdullilah, after all the things that happened yesterday, I managed to meet my lovely sista, Nurul Najwa Mustapa who came by to Kompleks Sukan, UITM just to see me. Aww.. She's so cute. She came together with her two friends, bringing some spaghetti that she cooked by herself. *rasa macam nak nangis je taw*.. Thanks wawa.. Love u so much!!! =)))).

sayang kamu adik~ :)
Okay, gotta leave now. tonnes of pages are waiting for me to be read. Salam peeps.:)

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