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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nobody dies of hard work. :)

Hey there. Salam. How ya all? Doing good? Feeling good? Well, I've started my posting. Have met four patients with different psychiatric diagnosis. Anyway, as far as I remember, I have promised u guys to show u all the look of my room after being cleaned and arranged. The thing is that, I didn't have time to capture the pictures. So sorrryyyy guys for that. :(.. Hopefully I can make it this weekend. Just wait n see okeyh.:)

Talking about studying, actually a lot of things linger in my mind. At this point of time, I honestly want to tell you guys that life at Melaka is really challenging with the challenging exams await us all. I just want to quote back what the lecturer did tell us. "Nobody dies of hard work." Now I am trying to be stronger and raise my spirits because of the quote. It works. :) Why don't you have a try on it?;) And please don't reply me back like this: "Surely all the dead couldn't tell us because they already dead. " haha. Well, one friend of mine said that to me. Quite correct but to make things easier take it from the positive side. Chayok! :)

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