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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Percaya padaku=)

Damn. Why I love to sleep excessively? =.= Yeah even I opened my eyes, I felt so lazy to  make my way to the bathroom and started taking the bath. It was so indescribable. Because I used to know that most of people love to take bath like so much and they sometimes spend about ONE HOUR to bath! Super duper incredible. Well, yeah I do spend about 1 hour in the bath room in case I clean the bathroom or I wash my clothes, not to clean myself for that long. Hee. :D.. Maximum time I usually spend is about 20 minutes. Not too long isn't? I really can't stand the cold water even I do have water heater in the bathroom.

Talking about sleeping, I love love love love sleeping. When I got nothing to do, I prefer sleeping than watching TV or whatsoever. Bila kurun ntah nak berubah. Huhuuu.. Maybe when I get married, these all will change. All of these. :).. I have to wake up early in the morning, prepare the breakfast for the family and wake them up. Awww.. To make things even sweeter, while in the kitchen, you are helped by your lovely hubby to prepare the breakfast. laalala~ stop dreaming for now. =p..

If you ever realize, I have wrote something on CEKELAT on the left side.

"I wish all these become true soon enuf..(+_+)."

One of it is, I wish to be a late sleeper but a morning person. I am learning to do that. =)

By the way, recognise this background song? "PERCAYA PADAKU". 

There are meaning behind the lyrics of the song. To instill the strength in my heart and YOU too for another 2 years approx. InsyaAllah.. 

 Have a good day peeps. Ttyl. Salam.



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