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Monday, April 23, 2012


I looked at it with a hopeless smile. I kinda miss it, but it didn't want me. at all. I knew, maybe at some points they were all my faults even I didn't know what are they. To buy a new one, I didn't have enough savings, maybe next time. If and only if I have the chance to buy. :p. There are still lots more things I need to do, for example, the JPJ thingy. It would be this Wednesday. Nervous? Can't agree more, that's what lingers in my mind so far, it's not that I don't want to think positive, it's just that I have history back then when it comes to pra- test, if at all you remember. What I will do now, I'll just try my best, later. ( one of my 2012 wishlist : obtain car license) I pray to You, Ya Allah, Ya Mujib, hopefully that all will go well as I wish, I successfully pass in the test, and if let's say, You want to test me, I will accept this with open heart.

To be real honest, I have left driving for about a month, hopefully I still remember all the steps, with regards to parking, hill, three corners, and even route A and B, not to forget C ( even cikgu said, they seldom brought us there). My mind is pre- occupied with so many things recently. So many, to mention it in here, I don't think so. Let it bury in my mind and disappear like the bubbles that come with the waves at the beach. Moga Engkau permudahkan segala urusanku. Amin.

Today, I have something to share, not share but, it's more of, to just mention, it passed by in my mind. Been thinking that it's been such a while I left poetry, maybe I should have started when I have time. A left- handed person like me, used to be labelled as the one that is creative sorts of things. But, to me, I am none of that, I am bad at drawing, singing, and even dancing. I am a little bit have interest in mathematics, but I don't think it is classified as art- thing. Whatever. And, today's VARK questionnaire told me something. I am an AURAL- person. I prefer listening compared to V- Visual, R- Reading, Writing, and K- Kinesthatic. Go and try to do it yourself. :)

Life's like a bubble,
It is there for sometimes,
but it will disappear when you notice,
Varying sizes but with single shape, fragile but round
Looking at it, with a transparent covering,
Unleash what are hidden,
Actualize what are unreal,
If it goes into the air, it looks beautiful and shiny,
Letting me smile with joy for a while,
But once it reaches the top, it's gone,
Like nobody can trace it,
Gone. That way.

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