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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

JPJ Part 1.

Salam everybody. How's the day? Well, I know you guys don't ask me, but I still wanna tell. Heee. :D. I woke up late today, around 1030a.m. Not scared, and ashamed to tell, cz I didn't have class this morning. Hihi. But, as soon as my eyes got opened, I looked over the skype and my friends left a chat. Two chats actually, those from my commed group members. Ira and Lina, they asked me about something related to our results and methods, the things that we had to present today's evening. I replied them back, in realize that we didn't put enough bar and pie charts in the results, then we had to add them up till the graphs became about 5 in number. 

Today it was still not my turn to present. Mine would be about discussions, maybe if Allah's will, next week. Gotta try hard to complete this weekend. Enough about community medicine.

This evening, about 630 pm, Syikin, Zaty, Mun and I made our way to go to the nearest CIMB bank in which I was the DRIVER. Percaya tak? Hee, actually, Syikin alllowed me to drive because tomorrow, yeah tomorrow I have JPJ test, at last. I was a bit lousy driving at the early part, but later when I got used to it, it became much better. But, still a lot more to improve. I did have the skills, but however, I just need to have some confidences to make it real, and do it well. Whatever happens tomorrow, I will try my best. I pray to Allah s.w.t to ease my way tomorrow, so that I will successfully pass. Cuma bertawakal saja for the moment. Doakan saya ye, kawan- kawan! 

Just to remind myself, commed end posting exam will be next week, I should have started studying and focus. 
Semoga berjaya Nurul Fitrilina. Banyak benda kamu kena hafal, for example the unfamiliar formulas which are so so many many many more more. Okay, gotta go. Till then, goodbye and salam. :)

P/s: Based on the title, it is mentioned as JPJ part 1. Maybe there will be JPJ part 2, in which during the time, I will tell you all whether I pass or not. Semua bergantung pada esok hari. Faith, confidence, and relax, serta tawakal. T_T

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