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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mana gambar?:(

Tomorrow, I will be going back. Maybe, I will be away from blog, twitter or even facebook. Quite disappointed actually, all because of little Audry. Hmm. Lantak la dy. Yang penting, esok balik. Hooray!!! =)))

And maybe or maybe, I will try my best to send Audry to get repaired and if I am lucky, it will get better, but if I am not, it'll never get better.

Good bye good bye.

Just want to update a little bit, I passed my pra- test, I am gonna sit for JPJ test on 25th of April insyaALLAH, and hopefully, I pass.

Movie I have watched during the time of disappearance:

  • Wrath of The Titans
  • Mirror Mirror. 

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