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Friday, April 13, 2012

I am so so bad.

Maybe, it's my fault, but truth is, I never forget you, not even a single second. If it is found that I suddenly gone missing, either I fell asleep or I am extremely busy, but usually most of the time, I fell asleep because, even I am so busy, I'll try to find a time to text or call you.

Sorry if I hurt you. I am so sorry. Please don't get mad with me or sad because please believe me that even I was sad when I woke up today and the clock was at 715am, I called you, and it turned out to be that, you have woke up, and you acted strangely as if it was my fault. I knew it was my fault, but trust me, I overslept at that time. ;(. Never intended to never call you. :(

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