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Thursday, April 19, 2012

hello back again

hye, salam, back again. :)

Tomorrow, I have commed block test. I don't finish studying yet as always, and the same lame reasons: TOO MANY to be read. I started to study today, err, to be exact, tonight actually, because today whole evening I spent to do that commed research thingy, till 545pm in the evening. Then after that, I came back to my room, got ready for sports. Yeah, squash to be exact. During the games, I almost fainted, felt a little bit nauseated and almost about to vomit. And all of these happened because I forgot to have my lunch. =.=. I forgot! :(. For the whole day, I only ate 3 pieces of biscuits. That was all. When I came back to the hostel when Maghrib azaan was heard, then I had my "lun-ner"( lunch added up to dinner, like qasar and jamak kinda thing) . Pelik tapi benar. I just didn't know why I  forgot. My friends kept scolding me, "Fit, hang nak jadi kurus tera mana lagi???" I just nodded, and said yeah yeah ha ha, trying to ignore of what they said. It's not that I purposely didn't want to eat my lunch, it's just I FORGOT. :( I know it sounds a little bit weird, where the hell people forget to have their meals. but that what has happened to me for real. 

Tonight, he slept early. Haihh, told ya. :(. You should have just texted me first, saying that you wanted to sleep early, I just didn't have that eager feeling to listen to your voice tonight to get me boosted up again to study. :( I am a bit disappointed actually, because I have texted you right in the beginning with the thought that you might be sleepy afterwars, why don't we date a little bit earlier? but yeah, you asked me to study first. :( Sedih sedih sedih. Tak semangat dah nak study actually, I am tired. Mentally, and physically, mentally because I can't take this anymore, this here I mean dah tak larat nak sumbat paksa ilmu masuk otak, seriously weyh. 

Yeah, that day I have talked about it's been such a long time I last updated photo in blog right? This is because of the problematic kiddo, Audry who happens to be my Android Samsung Galaxy SL, GT19003. Problem unsolved. Tired of finding new solution. Okay, that's all maybe. Ttyl. :)Salam and good good nite, sleep sleep tight everybody, including the one who have closed his eyes first to sleep, without saying goodnight and sweet dream. :"(

At 1.45 am, I have tiga keping roti pat sagi with nescafe. Long nite maybe. Alone. T_T

I don't know why, but I just love this picture, India,  in the train,  with that book. Kenangan. :) . Snapped by Mun or Redz, couldn't recall. 

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