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Monday, July 9, 2012

El- Familia

Alhamduliilah, during the weekend, my whole family has come and visited me, here in Malacca. :)
I didn't know how to explain the feelings, but I was so happy! (^_^) With my mak, abah, sistas, and bros around felt so complete ;). And he were there too. Anak emas mak dengan abah, nak buat camana. :P. Here  are some pictures of us:

Coffee, my favourite ;)

gegar sikit. :D

myself ;)

adik, ina, adam

abah, ma, wa

talking to whom, ha abah? :D

and finally, us ;)

And just want to update, I watched The Amazing Spiderman today. And yes, it was the best compared to previous spiderman, as for me! <3<3<3. Plus, it holds some meaning to me too. Ehem! :) .

Part shy shy cat which was so cute! :)

Bench scene, the part which they talked. (sorry can't find other image,  this was what came out when I googled about bench part. ;p)

And some other more. ;)

Gotta go. Homework! :)

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