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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hold it for a little while.

From one corner of the phone line, she tried to hold her tears, trying so hard, till she somewhat couldn't catch a breath since an unnoticed sigh might sent a signal to him telling that she was not okay. She, wouldn't want the pumpkin to feel sad or guilty or wouldn't want to worsen the situation, let what she felt stayed deep down the heart, not even a single one mankind got to know about that. Yes, the pumpkin, the name given to him, as he was similar to the pumpkin in some ways. ( Sorry. ;) . But however, that couldn't hold for so long, the tears. It ran down the cheek like so fast, warm and accompanied by the melancholic mood. A brisk sigh, shrugging her shoulder, trying to maintain cool but she couldn't.

Why she always has to be reminded about the truth? Why she can't set in her mind that, those things are just in a fantasy for now? Why can't she agree to that, be patient for a little while longer, and just sit back and accept how the things have been arranged? And there she is. A little girl who always forget about those things, still dreaming in a day dream, wishing for something nice and happy, but instead those dreams are for the future, not for the time being, why can't she accept that I wonder?

Listening to the explaination given by the dear pumpkin, she froze, stupor like state, if and only if he could notice it. She frowned, and tears has stopped but still there was leftovers which kept flowing down. She felt so much guilty, feeling like a hard rock then hit her head, then only she came to know about the reality in front of the hazy fantasy. Then, she could think like a mature one, and yes, that hazy fantasy has made her a forgetful one, keeping those reality on one corner, leaving them just like that.

Now the reality has cleared the way, the hazy fantasy has slowly faded, yeah for a quite a time, that shouldn't be raised again, the fantasy. Let it bury deep down her heart, really deep down, if possible at the crux of it.

Don't put so much worry, as she is now has realised the reality. Sorry for the burden and demands that previously she keep on asking without trying to understand his feeling. That demands, I will remember, when one day, the time has come. I will try to get them back. From her heart, a thousands of sorry note paste now on each corner of his life. Yes, let's hide, hide from those people who never understand, let's disappear a little while longer, let's deny and keep denying.

The most important thing, sabaar. Assalamualaikum. 

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