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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gather the pieces.

And with this weather, my feeling follows it, as always. True to them who say that weather affects your mood. To be precise, the current weather is a bit gloomy, cold, ready to pour the rain onto the lovely land. I close my eyes for a while, trying to focus with the sounds of the birds chirping, and trying to feel the breezes and the wind dancing, it is so calm I can assure you. Then, my thought focus on one thing, about the choices of life. To be specific even more, about choosing medicine as my future career. I am halfway the journey, actually about three quarter to reach the final end, Alhamdulillah I have made this far, and thanks to Allah for easing my ways and my friends. However, not all the good things remain. Throughout this journey, a lot of obstacles I have to face, I previously had to gather back the strength to continue after so many things happened, break the pieces of the dreams I have made, I bent a bit, taking each and every pieces, trying to resolve the broken dreams, and make sure it is still there, till the end. I knew, I have wasted a lot of tears, a lot of times, with a lot of small matters, but if it weren't because of all that 'small' matters, I don't think I can make it this far.

And since I have at this very end to the journey, a sigh or regret-fullness of what I chose shouldn't be there. I should be strong, stay calm and add up with the hardwork efforts to make sure that I manage to reach the end with a good trace and effect. To You , I pray Ya Allah, please help me in achieving my aims and goals, not only me, but to my friends out there, please ease our way. We really need YOU for this battle and battle afterwards.

About the other one matter, I would be lying if I didn't think about it everyday, yes, I admit I think about it almost every day and night, I keep thinking about what will happen to us, will we be strong as we are previously when we were tested with so many things? Will we be brave enough to cross the hurdles in front of us later, when we share our life together? Yes, true that, a lot more to come, what I can do now is PRAY days and nights wishing that we really are for each other till Jannah. Amin. And I pray that, for whatever happens, we have to be a matured fellow, resolving things in a matured way.

And thanks to this gloomy day, it glooms my mood so that I can think in an adult way at least la kan, not a childish post babbling about things happened in school. Hehehe. :)

As- salam .:)

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