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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey there, salaam. :) Somebody asked me to update my blog, so well, here I am again. Hee. Now I am in Orthopaedic posting, yeah done for the first day, knee examination, so far everything went well, hopefully it will stay d same till the end of this posting. I kinda like this posting, seems interesting, and plus the ortho professor said that, those who wanted to become orthopedician must have very strong hands. Haha ! Kinda cool rite, if you join this department. Hehe, I will be as strong as rock. :D

nothing much, just my project today's evening. haha. usrah's project. :p

Referring to the above photo, I have spent this whole evening to finish up my usrah homework. Yeah, it may seem simple but, actually quite tough for me you know, for someone who are not creative like me. I had to struggle about the colouring part. You know what keeps on circling my mind everytime I talk, listen, watch about art: Why the hell I cannot be a creative fellow since I am left- handed person, because I have heard that left-handers tend to use their right brain more than left, which means, they tend to be more artistic, but in my case ( I am a left0-handed person) I am zero- artistic person. Sedih kan? :( Keep thinking what is my advantage actually? or may talent? Ape eyh? Takkan takde? T_T.

Anyway, speaking about new posting, I have a lot of things to be improved. To change from commed to ortho is a bit shocked, but not really actually, cz just like commed, ortho is labelled as one of the relaxed posting, but still there are too many new things we gotta learn in ortho posting, so I cannot waste my time like I did back then during commed. I'm thinking about making a daily timetable, timetable here I mean, the study timetable. Maybe I will become istiqamah after this, and that is what i want actually. InsyaAllah, I will try my best! Nak lepas P2S1 in time, and I wanna be a doctor in time! Tak nak repeat or suppli. Takut! :( Ya Allah, please ease our way. Amin.

And one more thing to be updated, I registered myself to be joining Sunathon program. ( Sunathon refers to sunat or circumcision with marathon). A good choice actually, rather than curling in the blanket whole day. At least, I have something to do in the weekend( 19/5/2012) and plus, I can achieve new knowledge which I'll never learn during routine posting. Alhamdulillah:)

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