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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunathon Circumcision Technique

 Salam. I am not here this weekend, I mean just for Saturday. I joined one kind of programme, organized in collaboration between my college and CUCMS about the Sunathon ( stands for Sunat and Marathon) or circumcision technique held in CUCMS ( Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences). Alhamdulillah, it was a great opportunity to learn about the technique, as I was previously not really exposed about this. Since we are Muslims and soon to be doctor, having the chance to learn about circumcision was a good thing to do. I've got the certificate already, and those who want me to perform circumcision procedure can contact me. Haha, not the part of dissection that we are allowed to do, since we don't have the license yet to perform any surgery. I can only help in injecting LA (local anasthetics including marcain 2ml and lignocaine 2 ml), clean and drap and also the suturing part. :)

Mun, Alia and I. :)

And today, I spent my day by sleeping and watching movie, so not productive way of life. I knew, but what to do, I was just too lazy!!! T_T. Come on, it's weekend. :p and one of the movie was The Notebook. Actually, I have watched the movie earlier, but today when I browsed my lappy, I again found this movie, and decided to watch it again. And for the second time I cried, the last part where they were still together. ;( 
Wish to watch it again with my loved one. ;)

favourite scene. In the lake, with the swan. ( but there was no swan in this picture)

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