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Friday, May 4, 2012

ugly truth

Sometimes, I just can't bear the tears from falling. It just happened, as if I had no control over it. When I see pain in your eyes, it hurts me deeply inside too, I know it may sound lame and weird, but that's what happened to me most of the time. I can't listen to your voices when I know there are hurts beneath the voices, and that hurt is caused by me. Please don't ask me why I feel that way, even I cannot explain about it. I admit that I am someone who is easily crying over little things, but nowadays, I less likely to cry over that small things, not even with regards to the matter of friends, but truth is, I teared when it came to you, you and of course my family too. Avoiding is one way I try to do when I'm hurt by you but it can't last. I usually feel pity to you, get to you back as soon as possible. And if you are hurt by me, I did the same thing, in which I don't think it seems fair enough rite, because you are the one who are hurt by me, why I am the one who try to avoid you?

I am so sorry for acting childish all the way, for repetitively cry over simple matters, and easily get hurt. I am me, this way, silly I know, but I can't change that fact, as what once House mentioned that, women are programmed to be sensitive over small little things. Yeah, something like that.

I've tried to hide those tears, but I can't most of the time, when I am with you. It comes out so easily, even before I was talking to you, everything seems fine. ( not fine actually, I mean deep in the heart).

Accept me for the way I am. It's the ugly truth, I know, but that is me. Pity you, need to handle a sensitive creature like me. :( I am so sorry.

That's my ugly truth. Very ugly truth. Whatever it is, ily. Always, ily.

Forgot to mention, just finished eop today. Berserah.

And plus, I have watched Avengers. I prefer Iron- Man. Handsome guy with great sense of humour. That what makes me melted in the cinema. 

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