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Sunday, May 13, 2012

One word, the secret one.

It takes me half an hour to think,
Why I have the thought, a hurting one,
My mind is trying to positively judge,
But my heart says otherwise,
That one word, that kills us all if it rules
Women, as a matter of fact possess more,
But, so do the men,
I tear a little, a little, a little
Heart gets soft and progressively brittle
'Don't be ridiculous, this is friendship!'
But, still, a minor ache controls my night
From negative pole, forcing it to be the positive one,
Healing is not a tough process, is it?
Internal monologue of own-self questions
Don't worry, it will heal.,
And for that one word, it will not be revealed,
Let me keep it deep in my dull typical heart of mine. :)

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