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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flaw Vs. Talent

Salaam everybody. How's the day treating you guys? I just hope that everything goes very well okay?:) Yeah, today, I want to talk about something kinda serious, err not so serious actually, but a bit away from the things that I usually posted in my blog, something related to the human nature, or truth is human fact, that nobody can change that, because like common saying that we've been heard so many times, NOBODY'S PERFECT.

Actually, what I am about to tell, is something that happened today, to me and my friends. I just didn't understand, why some people are acting so weird, although they are living in a community, they are actually supposed to mingle and try to fit the environment of society, not to condemn and act like the society which belong to all, is actually theirs only, not anyone else. I'm guessing that, you are still not understand my point, right? hehe, well, to make thing easier, let me straight to the point. The society actually refers to the hostel while some people , refer to the students, who live in the hostel, who happen to be part of my friends indeed. Some people that I've mentioned earlier are mad, over a noisy sound (referring to the people chit-chatting while waking along the hostel's rooms) just outside their rooms, which their responses were like, making 'ssshhhh' sound as if, WE WERE ALL IN THE LIBRARY. Oh, come on! You was making 'sshhhh' sound at the evening around 5.30 p.m which was usually, the time students got back from hospital posting, and usually the time WE ( including) wanted to go out to play! Not like you, staying in your room, sleeping. It's actually acceptable, if the noises come out during the night, in which maybe you want to study but since it was IN THE EVENING, it is so irrelevant! This was not the first time. It had happened so many times, before, but I just shut my mouth up, just trying to be nice, but since it happened again, I can't  tolerate more. I really feel like knocking her door, telling her, to stop sleeping in the evening, or if you are really that desperate to sleep, do that, without shouting back at us, who are just passing by your room, to play, or to get back to our room after the hospital posting. And this group of ladies have some kind of disturbing attitude during the class, that's why I was so crossing them or mean word, ANNOYED because of their 'shhhh' act. Their attitude in class was so so relevant if we were trying to be mad. Shouting, laughing out loud while the lecturer was teaching in front was so immature. Come on, if you are' that mature 'to make the 'shhh' sound, think back about your attitude in class, don't you think that lecturer might be offended? These people really get my nerves. Cannot tolerate anymore.

Second situation: Not my situation, but my friend's. She was trying to make a conversation with somebody about something that require the help from that somebody, and this somebody happens to be one of the high committee member, good at sports, beautiful and good in academics. But, surprisingly, her response was like, 'so not good!' She made an unpleasant response, like, 'what the hell you want from me???" My friend was like, errr it's okay, she then made her move, away from her, pissing off a bit, she really didn't expect her response was like that, since she is one of the person who hold people's respect. That's so weird right? Why don't you say something nice, people will label you as good person, you will be prayed, and you will have that advantages in barakah. Hmm.

That were the two situation. Reflecting back about the topic, nobody is perfect, manusia itu tidak sempurna, then I try to think positive. Although you think that you are too perfect for everything, just remember, in between the perfectness, there lies the flaws that you may not even realized. And I believe that I do have flaws, and I'm sorry for all the unnoticed flaws. =)

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