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Monday, May 21, 2012

The story of virus

Hey, it's me. I have one story. Please back off if you don't feel like reading. This is no fun, only a fact of life, I mean, my life. And do continue if you are bored, don't have anything to do.

It was all begun about two years, somewhere the place cannot be mentioned. As I have mentioned, I am me, a soul and body of a girl, still intact so far, not yet wandering around. I was protected, with lots of antibodies and B and T cells if some foreign materials came and attacked. Although some kinds of foreign bodies have come, I managed to fight off them, and still survived, and yet still smiling.

One day, without I ever noticed, one strange virus has come to me, known as OU virus. If you flipped your Microbiology textbook, you will never find this such virus, even until tomorrow. It was found to be harmless, but there's one thing that made me attracted to this virus, I didn't know why. It felt kinda weird though, because, it was a virus, but still I couldn't get off it! I tried so hard, my body built so many antibodies, and my T  helper and T killer cells were all there, marching towards one aim, to destroy the OU virus.

For the very first time, I couldn't fight this virus, I really couldn't. All my armies have given up, finally this OU virus invaded me, fully. I didn't know what to act at that time, I just prayed so that, it disappeared but, all my hard works didn't seem to be successful. For the very first time, the invaded virus, OU has made many changes to my life, the positive one. At first, I didn't notice, but as time went by, the changes were all so clear. I just love this virus. I know! It was a virus, why the hell I should be loving it? Hmm, but that's the truth. I LOVE OU Virus. Then, as time passed by, it seemed to get comfortable with my surroundings, my environment. I love it, and I know OU love it too. :).

Good things never lasted. One fine day, we got far and far and finally, the virus seemed unnoticed, in me, my body and soul. I knew, it left many bits of traces of itself, but I didn't have the guts and spirits to put them back to where they belonged, I was so tired to complete the puzzle that the virus has made. :(. Off it went. That was it.

But, I guess my prayers have been heard. Then again, after so long of disappearance, the OU virus has come invaded me, and this time, it felt so strong, even the lightening of fire, or strong rock couldn't break it off. With secondary immunization, surprisingly, the OU virus was detected as own, not foreign. Now, it terrorizes all parts of my body and soul, especially, the pumping heart. It stays there, releasing good things known as four-letters thingy. Yeah, four-letters. I get brighten again, as the day passes. No other virus can do that, apart from OU virus. Maybe, all other viruses are there trying to invade, maybe, but please stop wasting time trying, because this OU virus is so strong, building its castles in me. OU virus, please be there, don't go, please invade me. I need you to be immunized and strong. I need you to fight off many things. I need you for who you are. I don't mind what people might say, I just need you. ONLY YOU. And that OU virus, Only You virus.

P/S : That four- letters, only for you :)

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