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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Iman manusia turun dan naik.

That's the topic for today, I don't know, it suddenly pops up through my mind, while I was studying just now. Yeah, true that. We've listened so many times about this, and even in fact, sometimes, I do feel that kinda thing, it is actually quite a different I could see when my Iman went up or down, very obvious one.

Most of the time, if the iman goes very very low, even to perform the second Rukun Islam which is Salah, sometimes, a bit 'liat' to move to the toilet for full ablution. If I heard the azan, half an hour after that, I would make my way to perform the prayer, although I didn't have things to do in between. Teruk kan?:( Kadang- kadang, ini yang terjadi, sebab kita manusia, kita ni cepat leka kalau tak diingatkan. Yeah, reminder. Remind to own- self, PLEASE bear in mind what's the main objectives of us, living in this world. Refer back Al- Quran.
We live in this world for two main reasons:

  • As a Khalifah to all the creatures
  • 'Ibadah' to Allah The Almighty.
Actually, frankly speaking, a lot of things we, human being, muslim needs to improve. We have to make things clear in our mind about this. Pray to Allah s.w.t to strengthen our iman because He will always hear our prayers. ( Al- Mujeeb: Fulfiller of Prayer.)

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