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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The battle begins.

It's ringing..It's ringing...Already 5.30am.
Class? No class.Study? For sure..Hmm..Solat Subuh first.
Then suddenly a plan comes into my mind.
Continue sleeping till 8?
Naaaaa!! Stop those nonsense.lol!.Focus fitri.
Will be the busiest week soon.with d block exam.
Those three subjects are waiting.
Yeah, guys.I'll conquer u all.We'll see.We'll see.:D.

Then I'll move forward to the next agenda.
Will be going bax to Malaysia very soon.
That's what I've waited for all this time.
Study first.
Exam first.
Will have anatomy spotters tomorrw.
Nak sign out ni.Nak sign out nih.
Wish me luck.

Ohh..Special advice to Aidil Firdaus.
Allah loves him more.
Gather your strength back..
Get ready for the journey of life after this.
Best of luck.^_^

To my friends out there.
My 24's batch friend.
Best of luck examssss.
Fighting! =)


beliamuda said...

final exam ke ni? all the best ya!

Fi3LiNa said...

block exam before balik.:)..thnks nifi.^_^