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Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow.To my surprise, the exams finally ended.Finally..


How's the feeling? How I felt?
  • Am I happy cause the one-month-holiday will start tomorrow?
  • or am I disappointed because of the Biochemistry OSPE last paper was soo shit? hmm..
  • Am I excited to go back to Malaysia again?
Yeah.To be honest, I do feel all the feelings.
I feel the first one.
The second follows.
Then, goes the third.

Can't wait to go back home.
I miss everyone.
I miss the environment of Malaysia.
Not India ok.Not India for sure.^^

Looking back right and left me now.
Still lot more stuff to be done!


Just now, Fara came to my room with the hope she can put the henna on me and hers to.
Henna.Or simply called "inai".
She surfed the net to find the new pattern.
And finally.
She found it.

"Fara::Fitri, meh aku try kat ko.Try kat diri sendiri tak jadi la."
"Fitri::Boleyh2.Tapi tangan kanan yeah.Tangan kiri nak kemas lagi.Hee"

Then she held my hand, used her strength and ability to follow the pattern.
Exactly like in the net.
It was nice.
I saw it.While she kept putting the henna on me with her nice design.
Suddenly, because I was too tired, I slept.I slept while she made the design on me.
Then I thought of something.
It was like in the dream.
Spontaniously, I stratched my hand.
Just exactly on the design.
Pity fara! =)...*wink3*
I spoiled it.
Ngee...Sorry dear.It was an accident.

Okayh.Tink I should stop now.Things are waiting for me to arrange them nicely and pack them as soon as possible.The bus will move at 7am tomorrow to Bangalore.:)
I won't sleep tonite.

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