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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr Chocolate.-_-

I miss Mr Chocolate.Hmm..Who's Mr Chocolate?

The one who:
  • listen to me when I'm down
  • Always be there when I have new poem to be shared
  • Keep supporting me to stand even longer without quitting.
  • is willing to hear my new story either the one that make me smile or the one that activates my lacrimal duct.lol!..;p
  • is my second best listener.:D..
  • is always there even I keep telling crazy stuffs which don't even give any lessons.:D..
Special thanks to Mr Chocolate.^_^..
I'm glad to have you...
Mr Chocolate.


.:FaRaHEeN:. said...

shabbas bete..shabbas..
mari kte mengaplikasikan semua term y kte blaja...
Malaysia Boleh!!^^

Fi3LiNa said...

yeaaahhh...mysia boleh!! selamat hari merdeka..(erk...apa kaitan? lalala..:p)...fighting! =D