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Thursday, January 12, 2012

bye bye commed sayang :")

Salam. Here I am again after the story of Don. Another story is to be told today. First and foremost, I have completed Community Medicine posting of three weeks. Ya Allah, it happened so fast plus the two Monday holidays in sequences. >.<.. Well, even the commed end posting has ended too. Comment about the exam? Not kinda hard, because Alhamdulillah I could do that even the MEQ part was quite confusing. Ah, never mind. Let by gone be by gone. :)

Move on. Next posting awaits! The scariest, toughest, monster-looking-ready-to-knock-your-head lecturer. Well, cut the monster-looking part. He actually looks just normal like me and you. The name of the lecturer will not be mentioned. Maybe next time? But, to MMMC student who read this, yeah you know the idea who he is right. *tutup muka*. Hopefully, everything goes well. I don't mind if he scolds us, because at least by his harsh words, and scolds maybe we can be a good doctor one day, who knows. There must be reasons for whatever he does. ;)*positive thinking*.

But well guys, I should have started to continue to complete my portfolio. Duhhh. Banyak lagi kot. Hee. takpe, since I don't have tomorrow morning class, then I can continue doing it tomorrow. HOPEFULLY. Lol. :D.

Maybe that is for now. Enjoy the commed pictures. For more details, you may visit my facebook profile because I have uploaded all the photos there.:)

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