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Friday, January 6, 2012

rice cooker, I do love you! :)

Once upon a time, I did have a thought to buy a multi cooker like every body else. Yeah, it makes your life a lot more easier, you can cook even if you are staying in a hostel, like me. But, truth always hurts. hehe. The price of the multi cooker is way too much, till I have to think not twice but thrice whether to buy it or not. It is about RS200. Not Rupees okay, but Ringgit Malaysia( Rm). Hmm. :(

But, yeah I do have a rice cooker, special thanks to my mak and abah who bought me one, when they came visiting me about a month ago. Yeah, I don't have to spend extra Rm1 for the rice, bleh la nak jimat sikit kan, since nak jimat is one of my wish list this year. Lol. :D.

And actually, to those who didn't know, you can cook even if you have a rice cooker with you even there are too much troubles by doing this like:
  • It takes time for the cooker to become hot. Maybe it can take ages you know! Err, I am exaggerating here. But yeah it does take TIME.
  • The button tend to push back to warm after 'cook'. You can't make it remains as 'cook' all the time.( those who have cooked rice by a rice cooker understand this. Don't you?;p)
  • The rice cooker might get contaminated with the food you have cooked inside it. Duh, you need to wash very thoroughly for this anyway. 
But but and but. Not this butt okay. Haha. But, I did something tonight. I cooked using my lovely rice cooker! Hee.. Not much, just veg soup I made, but yeah I made it. It was not as problematic as I have stated before if you could imagine. So so and so, I can save my RM200 in order to buy a multi cooker since the rice cooker which I already have gives so much benefits. ;)))

veg soup with the sardine. my dinner tonight:)

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