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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Should Have Known

Salam Sabtu.. Sabtu eyh? :) Well, yeah, it's 9.37am in the morning in the beloved Malaysia. And truth is I just woke up about 20 minutes ago. :P. Yeah I know it is kinda late for an anak dara like me, but who cares since it's WEEKEND!! Tidur la sepuasnya kan.. *hands up if you agree..*;p.

What topic to be told today? Or maybe to be discussed? It's about Palestine. Yeah Palestine, the story that we keep on uttering and sympathizing to them because of the things that happened to their country. Actually the things that are still happening.

Last night, I had this so- called 'Sister Gathering' here in Melaka, not far actually, at the area of Bukit Beruang with my usrah-mate with their friends whom I just get to know them last night. :). At first we cooked, talked, laughed and spent time together. It was so much fun since I love doing things with people like cooking because I love teasing and sometimes people love to tease me like Ariffah did. ;p.. And then the programme continued and we ate around 930pm after the dulang- dinner.

Then, came the tazkirah given by the one of the student from University of Newcastles, Australia and she's not Australian, she's Malaysian la. A girl one year younger than me.:). She talked and talked and suddenly it came to the story of Palestine. She asked all of us, "What do you girls know about Palestine?" My reaction was like, blinking three to four times, watching each others, trying to make the gyrus to work. Pity gyrus, because I actually, don't really have the knowledge of what is really the reason for the chaos happened in Palestine. Kesian kan:(. Padahal it is one of the story we keep on talking. We pitied them, sometimes some of us cried watching over the videos showing the suffering of Ummah there but, do we know the reasons for the chaos? Hmm. And 'we' here includes me myself. I know about the story but I don't dig, I don't find although I know it's one of my things to do( finding about what happened to Palestine) because we are Muslims and those that are suffering are our brothers and sisters. :"(.

Yeah maybe I have to start dig and dig and dig. I might not help much but at least I know what is happening to them. With the knowledge maybe something can be done, we never know. Wallahualam. Selamat mencari tentang Palestine. :)

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