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Friday, January 6, 2012

weekend likes weekday


Weekend is back again. Hello, weekend. :). But, lists of things should be done this weekend, like a lot. Hopefully I can manage all of that very well within the expected duration. One thing for sure before get started, "JANGAN MERUNGUT!" (",). Before you can happily go back home, please and so many please, use your time wisely, fit. These things in mind:

  • finish up about 100-pages commed portfolio. not much actually, I just have to copy and paste. That's all. =.=
this much okay. banyak kot. T_T

  • study for the commed end posting. Too much slides till I vomit! Duhhhh.
  • pre-study for surgery posting. As what I can say, from heavenly commed to hell surgery? T_T. But no worries! I want to focus surgery as maximum as possible since sessional is just around the corner! =)
  • Weekend equals to driving license class. Have to stand this for quite a long weekends afterwards. Takpe, good luck! (^_^)
  • Yeah Don 2!! insyaAllah if it is fated that I am going to meet up the beloved SRK this weekend. Depends on time and availability. *finger-crossing*
  • Counting days. :)
*lesson of the day: whatever you do, just remember that everything starts with your Niat. Niat as in your intention. Allah s.w.t will grant your wish the way you Niat. If you niat for A, then A happens. If you niat for B, then B sets in. It is the matter of what Niat you have made and whether it suits enough and whether it can give you something in future, some good things. InsyaALLAH.

Salam for now. :)

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