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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey jumpa lagi for today :). Tadi berbicara tentang fakta umat sekarang. kali ni tentang study plak bleh kan?:p. Yeah. SURGERY, finally I shall say. The last 6 weeks of Sem 6 before the sessional examination which is around the corner. The so-called scariest posting in MMMC Melaka okay not Manipal because both are totally different, the lecturer wise. To be exact, from the kind-never-shouted-persistent-smile-don't mind if you bunk class lecturer to the harsh-persistent-shouted-big-eyes lecturer. What a difference kan? :) But well never mind. What Allah s.w.t has explained, everything happens for a reason, remember that.

This monday is the first day of surgery. I hope for the best insyaAllah and yeah I also hope I learn a lot. I've gone through lists of other postings namely psychiatry, O & G, Medicine, Community Medicine and ehem thats all. :). To be honest, a lot of mistakes I have made throughout the postings like simple mistakes that I made many times, maybe history taking wise or examination part. Because, this is human, we are all still learning each and every day, nobody says that I finish learning already or I have enough knowledge in my genius brain already. Nobody says that because even the best person in the world is still learning( I don't know who to give example, just think by yourself).

Those mistakes I've made taught me a lot. I did cry, I became sad and sometimes down to earth. I questioned myself, why I can't do even a simple thing? Why I hesitate to answer the question? Why I don't know the answer even I studied a lot? That sorts of questions always pop up in my mind, just like that. Tak percaya, tanya dia, he knows how often I cried for that, cause he knows how fragile I am. But crying doesn't solve the problems, it just makes you feel a bit better because you have spilled out the sad sorrow from the heart. What you need to do is that, TO LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES. I hope I do that, now and continuously everyday. Mistakes grow us up. Agree me?:)


So, all in all, I hope those mistakes will never repeat themselves again especially in this posting. I hope I improve a lot. I will try my best to improve, because yeah to change isn't easy as to eat peanuts. ( betul ke tak perumpaan aku ni? hehe). Because medical students should do less mistakes that other courses. Confused much? Let me explain. I give you a kinda situation if let's say doctors make mistakes during the surgery or treating the patients. Guess you can think the consequences, am I right?  Renung renungkan dan selamat beramal. Wallahualam. :)

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