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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"I Do"

whaddup? What a boring day.. Huuu... I didn't have d afternoon class today, yeah it is called SDL timezz! Should be yezza but yeahh when you don't have things to do it can be boring too.. T_T, but anyway boring is far way excited than being in a class and listening to a lecture which sometimes you don't even understand a thing because you keep on day dreaming. :P..

Well, anyway since I didn't have nothing to do, I sincerely played The Sims Life Stories which I have stopped playing for a long time! Hee.. :) I do have my own family, Bubu and Bibi with their two children. But, then when I was about to play, I realised that my both kids have gone! Yeah that two little twin kids. Duhhh I wondered and kept wondering. The last time I played was about a month ago or maybe like two months but I still remembered the last time I played that my both kids were there! Hmm, then one idea struck my mind. I forgot that when I went back home during Christmas last time, my youngest brother, Aliff and my younger sister, Wawa played my sims. Duhhh! maybe they accidently caused my two kids ran away.. :(.. But, those kids are twins, like I have dreamt in real life. Hihi. After I have found out, then I lost interest to continue playing. I youtubed and now I am still youtubing then I found this song of Colbie Callait, I Do. I've heard the song so many times and I kinda like it, but I never watch the music video. Then here it is. Done watching. ;)))

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