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Sunday, January 29, 2012

malacca zoo

mata letih, batuk masih macam tu, cuma kurang sikit lepas makan ice cream tadi (hah??);p, dan pening-pening lalat tiba-tiba. 

Yeah, that's my today's introduction. Well, I just came back from Malacca Zoo with my usrah-mates, just chillin out with the 'friends' there anyway. Hihi.. We reached there around 430 pm in the evening. With the Rm10 entrance fee, we got in hurry. Yeah, I was so energetic since it's been such a long time I last visited the zoo. Feeling excited to meet up the friends, I almost forgot to take some pictures as the memories, but my friend did. I was not into the mood to take the pictures, that time, I was more of to talk and watch over the creatures. So cute looking at them blinking and staring at you at the same time you know.

It is such a big zoo, yeah and the animals there looked so chubby not like at National Zoo, as Epah has mentioned to me. Tigers, monkeys( ehem, reminds me of you. haha), birds( many kinds of birds to be mentioned), snakes, mammalians and many more. All are there and still there. ;) I really enjoyed my day today but however, when we walked again and again maybe about 2 kilometres I think, I got tired. As usual, I coughed a lot and now it came with headache too. Maybe because of the ice-cream I am not so sure. :( When I reached the giraffe areas, I was unable to greet them, since it was already 610pm and the zoo was about to close already.

Inilah awak. remember?;p

anak dengan abah dy. :))

ketua babun?:D

Tah apa la dy tengok ni;P

We 'tadabur' a bit about one surah regarding the animals, then we headed back home. On the way to the car, there was one makcik selling food stuffs stopped us and she offered some free food to us. So kind of her, for giving us the food for free, alhamdulillah:) Moga rezeki mak cik bertambah yea:D

When reaching my room,I checked my facebook inbox and suddenly I looked over the one new message. Upon all tiredness and headache I have, they all seem to be gone for a while. I smiled alone( lantak la nak senyum sensorang pun;p) looking at the comics. Yeah, we share the same dreams alhamdulillah:) Now I get my spirit back. 2 more years to struggle for this M.B.B.S then we'll try to reach out our dreams insyaAllah andai umur panjang:). Semangat!Semangat! Semangat!! And now I have printed the dreams out and paste it in my room at one corner to remind me of good things ahead. ;). Best of luck to us:)

And by the way, just keep quite and don't say anything about this picture. Hee. Bukan syok sendiri, it is just that I want to compare my face with the pimples and to take care of it, and to reduce the production of pimples next time. Please be manageable pimples!! XD

Dilarang comment gambar ni. haha. saya taw saya huduh;D

Before the journey begins:D

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