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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I care.

Surgery 3rd day.

Hectic life, I would say, but yeah quite interesting. But, since I am still new, I am unable to take history for surgery so well and come out with cool yet correct provisional and differential diagnosis. I am still in the phase of learning. But, seeing others come out with cool diagnosis makes me so eager to learn about surgery and be smart like them too. I did have discussion with senior last night from Batch 21, Mr. Adrian, and he's quite cool. They way he explained was kinda understandable for me. (Forget to tell you, everyday I will take history with other two my group members, Marveena and Fara.). As I have stated in the previous post, maybe previous-previous post, about the one particular lecturer, he never took class with us in Muar. I am so nervous waiting for that moment to come because unlike other lecturers, he really didn't like students to write the history while history taking is done, instead he prefers us to just memorize and remember in the mind all those staffs in the fully-occupied mind, starting from the patient's profile and up to diagnosis of the case. Can you imagine that? -.-. Quite scary you know. T_T.
Well, tomorrow we have PAL(peer-assisted learning) presentation in the evening from 2 pm till 5 pm. The case we've taken for this week is gastric carcinoma, but actually the patient wasn't really cooperative and she also didn't know how to speak Malay, yeah she's a Chinese, old lady. I could understand that. But however, thanks to Adrian again , because he struggled to help us taking the history with the examination even the only finding was pallor. >.<. Janganlah 'dia' mengamuk esok. Seram sejuk kot. :(

And just to make you guys jealous( if you do la kan.:p), tomorrow night, I will be going back homeee!!! Hee, but m gonna skip the friday class, including the surgery workshop with 'him'. And that things also make me chill to the bone, thinking about what gonna be his response when he found out that almost all group D1 and D2 have gone back. T_T.

Next story: I read about the trend in twitter and they keep talking about a poor small child named Ahmad Raif Nufail who is suffering from brain damage due to the nerve infection kinda thing, I don't know what specific infection that he has. To read more about this, visit this blog. I found on while googling. Nisa Kay. Let's pray for this brother, insyaAllah everything will be fine, Amin.

Next to next, I hope that, I can manage each and every problems in mind in a positive way. I don't know why but there are several things that haunt my mind lately. So, to me, bersabarlah dengan apa yang berlaku. Positive thinking is never a waste. You can make yourself smile again and others too. That's all for today. Jaga diri.

It's for you. Play hard if you think you have recovered. Stop playing if you get hurt back. Take care, dear:)

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