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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey there. Just came back from home, after a tiring day, discussing about tomorrow's presentations and completing the log book. It's been a while since the log book is CLEAN without any writings. I am so sorry, I am just so lazy to complete them all. You know what, just now I just browsed through my facebook's notes then I suddenly found a post. It was about 25 random things about myself. Somebody tagged me at that time, and I was so hardworking at that instance to complete the tagging. I read the 25 things back again, and somehow, most of them are actually true till today. Most of them.:) Have a look, and do comment and compare. :D

1)ppl called me f3.family call me nurul.few ppl call me lina.n one or two call me lin.:)
2)i'm d eldest in my fmily but i dont look like a big sista.my sis is more matured than me.ppl say that.i admit dat.
3)cry even it's a small matter..x bley nk ubah.
4)I love to smile.it gives me confidence.
senyum jum! :)

5)hard to make proper decision.when it comes to serious rltionshp.( but now things have changed. :) I know what I want~ :D)
sapa tak suka choc angkat hidung tinggi tinggi! 

7)love to dream.kind of day dreaming.success start wit dreaming ayte.hee
8)wish to go to Paris one day.ieffel tower.=p           
Maybe I'll reach there. With you. Yeah you:)

9)suka tidoq jugk.haha
10)x fussy pasal mknn.mkn je apa org bg.slagi perut bole trima n halal.
11)Sgt suka dpt kwn bru.=)
12)sensitif tp cepat ok blik
13)suka create poem tp sndri baca je.:) tp suka baca poem org

Poem. :)

14)penah blakon jd queen.igt smpai skarang.;p.
15)alwez lost when it comes to chess match wit ma sistas.they r superb.
I'm so not good in chess compared to them.:P

16)suka cerita semua kat mak.most of d time.

17)tringin nak blaja guitar n org dedicatedkan lgu to me.
Play me a song. I want you, only you. :)

18)suka perasan comel.kwn2 terdekat dah lali.ahaha
19)shopaholic when it comes to shoes.
Syurga kasut. Haha
20)pernah blaja aikido.tp da x igt sgt.hehe.
21)kelam kabut.tp slalu suruh org chill.=D
22)suka lelaki tinggi.smart.cool.(rasa selamat bila jln sblh dy.haha)
23)paling suka lagu BETTER IN TIME smpai sekarang.
24)used to hv crush on my own teacher.masa form 2.x taw apa cerita dye skarang.;p
25)sgt bersemgt bila ada org boost me up. x kesah la sapa.sapa2 pn bole.mmg akan berkesan.:)

 Well, it looks so funny when you read this. But, just bear in mind that most of them are facts. Haha. 
Anyway, here is one song that I keep listening just now. 

Title: We'll Be A Dream
By: We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato
Mood: Dreamland maybe?:P


Do you remember the nights
We'd stay up just laughing
Smiling for hours at anything
Remember the nights
We drove around crazy in love

When the lights go out, we'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world
Like it's all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream

Do you remember the nights
We made our way dreaming
Hoping of being someone big
We're so young then
We were too crazy in love

When the lights go out, we'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world

Like it's all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream

Woah, woah, woah...
Woah, woah, oh...

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