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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Salam all.:) I am here again. I will not talk much, just a few words about what has happened during these few days.

  • I have watched Fast 5. It was super superb I shall say. The stunt was great, unbelievable and I love it! ;) I like the main character, so called Dom. OMG, he was so freakingly undeniable hot!!! Burning hot! The way he talked, acted and smiled, ohhh, so sweet and cool. And the best female character goes to the lady who ride the bike, with long hair. She was also hot. :D.
  • I tried Ais Kacang or ABC which is made here in Manipal for the first time. Out of 5, I'll give 3 maybe. Not bad, but still cannot beat the one at Malaysia as always. :)
  • My groupmates including me, were scolded by Dr. Kunal Narad, from the department of Pediatrics. :( At first, I felt kind of sad and disappointing, but when I take it from the positive side, if he never scolded us, we never learn. Cool huh?;)
  • Again, we are busy with Supremo games. If you guys still remember, I've posted something about, I felt so not into sports anymore, but since too much supports I got and the left-over spirits, I decided to just continue playing. Thanks to the additional characters esp. the main one:)
  • I miss HOME. Yeah, I mean this. I suddenly miss mak, abah, ina, wawa, adam and aliff. ;( I supposed to call mak tonight because I have promised her, but since I  got netball practice, I TOTALLY forgot about it. Sorry, ma, I call you tomorrow k. :) Love you always. (^_^)
  • I fell down from the bicycle at T M A Pai Hospital. OMG, so embrassing. :( I didn't have pictures of me, on the ground where the bicycle was on my lap, but I've got the pictures before the incident happened. Ngeee~~~;)
That's all for now. Love you always. :)

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