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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Secret Garden?

I lost the previous post. :(((((((

Who stole it? Tell me, tell me. :(((

By the way, I am currently following the Korean movies entitled Secret Garden.

I love the story line. I don't really like the hero, Hyun Bin nor the heroin, Ra Im. Hehe~

But, the story line is super cool. Yeah, I admit that some part of the movies are kinda lame, but yeah, it can be a great
Korean movies to be followed. 

Comel pulak lahaiii budak dua ketul ni dalam gambar ni. :)
Err, not to forget, end posting exam is just around the corner. Haha. Screw you commed! :D:D:D:D.

Takde kaitan. Saja nak letak. Impian saya: Nak ada secret garden sendiri dekat rumah saya nanti. Landskap pun okay. Heee~

Asian style landscape.:)   

This house may look dull and gloomy. but I love the green scenery around the house:)

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