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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cekelat nak baju baru, ibu. :(

Hey there.:) Whaddup? Salaam. Anyway, I am about to change Cekelat's cloth, because yeahhh he is so fussy, bored about his lame old shirt? Is he commenting? Or I am the one who is commenting all the way? Haha. :) I guess, it is me. Yeah, it's me. I am kinda bored with that old chocolate picture, and guess I need new background. I browsed for so many pictures and finally it came with this. This may be temporary, because I asked for other's opinion too. This may look a little bit complicated to read, that's why I am still searching for the new background. It can be any type: NATURE, CARTOON, FOOD, OR anything, so on and so forth. Any idea? =.= *blank and blur*

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