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Monday, May 2, 2011


Hye. Just came back from morning Community Medicine posting. :)

Today, we've made a visit to a rural area, in the objective to take a data analysis regarding the water source of particular houses to make some sorts of statistics. So, basically the main point is about WATER. How the people get the water? Do the water is very clean and hygiene or the other way round. Anyway, we have been divided into two group. One group must join Dr. Kiran while the other joined one other Dr. Kiran's friend ( I don't know the name. heee) I joined Dr. Kiran group. Well, to be specifically said, all the members in Dr. Kiran's group were all FEMALES! Haha. So, I guess you can expect how hot is he. Weee~ But Vidya said, he's married already. Awwww. :( Heee~ Since he will be leaving Manipal very soon, we should use the opportunity that we have to spend the maximum time with him. Lol.

After the group division, we headed to a house, not far from where the bus parked. It was a brick-built house, owned by a man with his family. The man is a farmer. We asked each and every details about the demographic data particularly about the occupation, details about the children, the earnings and about the water sources. Basically, this family got the water sources from thr well which is around 5 feets from the house. But, sadly, there were also cow's dung near the well. So, I guess you could imagine how contaminated the water is. -.-..

But, just so you know, his children educations are very good. His son is a doctor now, working in the government hospital, while his daughter is a nurse-to-be, still studying. That's so impressing. :)

That is for morning's posting. But, now I've got things to babble. About something we called passive in term. Passive. Too broad meaning to discuss in details. Why I pick up this word is because of certain reasons. About how people can adapt with studying all the times, without spending even a 5 minute break to play games or do something that they like? How can they manage that? =.= I'm so curious to know. If I were to study, a maximun time that I can concentrate is about 10 minutes. That's it. Then I'll do something else to get back the mood to study. But, they don't. They keep on studying and keep on cracking their minds. Please, people, be active a little. Not for others' sakes but for y'all. ( Actually, I am so disappointed to some people, I mean certain Batches in MMMC who don't tolerate much about others. What they think all these times are study study and study. They refuse to participate to any games, join any events and prefer to be called as passive. come on people, be flexible. We live only once. Please appreciate it. :")

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