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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

two people with two different qualites.

Hey salaam.:)

Now I am thinking to talk about one topic, not much, just ONE. About people who love to matter about others' own businesses but neglect about theirs. They pretend to be just so good in front others but, actually, they are the thorns in the beautiful flowers. Pity them, huh? I am not pointing to anybody, I'm just saying this in general. I know, sometimes, I did the same as these people did, talked something behind, but at least, I kept this between me and friends, not involving others. One more thing about these people, they are acting too way good, pretending that they are soooo innocent but truth is they don't. Maybe they may look proper, sweet or decent, innocent, but at the other sides of it, if one is about to reveal, they've got qualities contradict to the listed qualities before. That is one type of person.

The other one type of person is, the one that pretend to be somebody else, but actually they are someone else. You got it, don't you? Okay, to make things simpler, I give you example: You've been asked by your friends to do something that you are not so okay with it like bunk the class together, but because you are the one who like to pretend to be somebody else, you don't matter to bunk class with your friends. Why don't you tell your friends that you are not okay in bunking the class, and you will not skip the class? Is it too hard to admit? Just SAY IT OUT LOUD. You are trying as if you want to take care of the friendship, you are willing to do something you are not okay with it at the very first place. It is so not good.

Last but not least, come into the picture about me back again. hee. I suddenly miss reading novels. :( Rindu sangat nak baca, and been thinking about new novels lately. Anybody got one that is nice, name it to me.:) Thanks guys. ^^

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