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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sayang cikgu selamanya.:)

Finally. After struggling for about 2 weeks, The Red Hawk won the battle. Should I say struggling? Because, as per counted, I only got two gold medals for Tug of War and Volleyball out of 5 games that I participated. To be real honest, at the very first place, I was kinda disappointed, why we couldn't make it, although we've tried very hard, trained almost every evening but, the victory is still not ours. :( Even sometimes, I have to thought to retire from playing in any of the games offered. But, as what I encountered and as what he told me, "Menang Kalah adat permainan, it is the spirit that matters, " then I started to realize that, I need the spirit more, not the winning. Congratulations NORTH for the good effort. You guys are rocks.! and to the southern team, don't worry. You guys were great too, especially the ATHLETICS part because just so you know, I am athleticophobia. Hahahah. B). I love the spirits that have been showed by both parties. Love it so much. Sometimes, I feel like crying in a smile, when I saw those spirits . :)

That is it. And now. just want to update. Just finished community medicine posting. and the end posting exam was over! After the exam ended, both F1 and F2 groups together with Dr. Sanjay had a cake, specially made by Ain. Yummy! So delicious. :D. We watched the slide show of the groups together. Actually, at first I was supposed to make the slide show, but then, I passed the job to Sundaraa, as he knew more than me, as I am still learning to use the Cyberlink Power Director thingy.:) What I did, was just providing the appropriate songs to Sundaraa. By the way, when it came to the song entitled "Graduation" by Vitamin C, the air was suddenly turned sad.:( yeah, F1 and F2 gotta separate for a while, since Paediatric and OBG postings are divided into those who go to Karkala and those who go to Udupi. Hey, F2, maybe we'll meet again during the Surgery posting which will be in one months and half time.:) Don't miss me much. :D

Owh, one more thing. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all my teachers from kindergarten, SKKP, SKT, SKHHD, SMKGC, MJSC LANGKAWI, KTT, AND MMMC. Thanks for the knowledge that you guys poured to me without bored. Happy teacher's day to mak too. I still remembered when I was 7, when I couldn't answer math questions, you used to pinch me, and compared me to the best student in class. I was so sad that time:( But, now when I think it back, I think I should thank you for doing that, as now, I am standing the way I am now. ( Even I know, there is so zero relation between math and medicine. hee. :)) You are the best teacher I've ever had. :)

And one last thing I want to tell, I've got new message tone! jeng jeng jeng. :D

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