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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love my memories. Do you? :)

Hello sunshine. ;) Meet again, here, nowhere but Cekelat. As time passes by, I've learnt too many things. From A to Z, then reverse from Z to A, then again M in between and back to G somehow. It is a learning process, and it is routine and a norm that we all have done even till today. Learning and memorizing things are two common terms that are so familiar in the world of medicine. Memorizing what you have learnt is a must. Understanding what you have been taught is a priority but then again when the exam is just around the corner, you tend to memorize things. I am talking about medical students to be specific. No one should deny it, cause we all do the same, now and then. Memorizing about drugs, pathologies and physiological changes in one's life are common things we do. But, have you ever wondered, about certain MEMORIES either sweet or the other way round, are they stucked in the head because we keep memorizing them, or they stuck in the head, because we can't control them and they stuck whenever they want? Do I make myself clear? Yeah. MEMORIES.

You don't invent the memories, they came and attached to our lives as time passed by. Easy, let me simplify for you guys. Let's say for example: One day, you gave one of your friend a gift. Not really special but the gift was something that she like the most. For you, maybe yeah it was just a gift, it didn't worth much, only costed about RS120, but you know how much it meant to your friend? It means something. It means everything. It is enough for your friend to write in the diary about her/his appreciation due to the gift you gave them. That is the MEMORY. Even they sometimes keep the wrapping papers till now. MEMORY mustn't always be so permanent, sometimes it fades with time. Memory may fades if the persons that involved in the memory were no longer exist or they purposely fades the memory away because sometimes they get hurt or they don't want to linger their lives to the past, it maybe goes that way. But, the real and unforgettable memory is the one that keep hanging on the walls of heart till your last breath. That MEMORY is the real one, undeniable, unshakable and enough to make you smile for the whole day if it strikes the heart all of a sudden. :)

I do have my memories too. Memories that are long lasting, unforgettable, sweet and irresistible. I bet all of you have one at least. Just want to let you guys know that, whatever the memories are, and whoever the memories related to, just APPRECIATE the memories that you have. Sometimes, they don't repeat. They are sweet and they tend to make you diabetic but, appreciate those memories. :) Even it is only a small thing that maybe you think as time passes by, you may erase that memory away. But, please don't. Please keep them in the heart.

Someday and some other fine days, you may sit somewhere with your loved one, reminiscing back the memories that you have instilled with him/ her together that were too sweet to be described in words. Appreciate each and every day you have, and store the memories in the heart, and don't let them buried deep in the oceans. (^_^)

And one more thing I learnt today, we are made in couples( Allah jadikan manusia ni berpasangan.). One has certain positives and certain negatives, and same goes to the other one. Both complete one another. You maybe good in A but I maybe even better in B than you. That makes life sweet and that creates the memories. * back to the main topic, memories.*:)

By the way, now I just realise I am in third year, and too many things have passed and some stay and some have gone. I appreciate those who stay and goodbye to those who leave, maybe there are certain hikmah in all of these. Maybe, it's the fate that make some stay and some leave. I love my life. Hope you do too. ;)

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