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Monday, February 13, 2012


ATTENTION: To my family, friends and you know who you are, this post doesn't mean for you guys. And not to accidental visitor too. I don't mind if I've got visitors.Welcome:) These are what blog means for. I am talking about others who don't have any relation to me, but yeah maybe a little relation still they love to stalk my posts if not everyday, every three days or yeah a week can be counted too.-.-

Yeah to you, in front of your lappy reading my posts.

Happy enough to stalk me?

Stop stalking me if your intentions are just to monitor me , my life.

If you come visited to learn something or maybe for the sake of seeking knowledge( if I do posted notes/ lessons) I really don't mind. But, somehow, there are these groups of people who stalk me because they aren't happy with my life. :( . Stop finding and searching the pasts that has gone somewhere else. Just let go and start your new life back. Sometimes things happen for a reason and it meant to happen. Don't be sad because many good things are there in front of you, maybe you just don't realise it. I don't want to accuse anybody, I am tired of guessing and watching over the LIFE TRAFFIC FEED and suddenly it pops up your name in my mind based on the place shown there. Not good you know. :( I also don't like to guess about something unsure.

Leave this alone. Do visit for other purposes like I've mentioned before, I don't mind. But please not because to monitor my life. Don't take into your hearts. :) Be happy and keep smiling. Salam:)

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