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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

harimau malaya vs. japan

The game is over.

It turns out to be 4 for Japan and nil score from us, Harimau Malaya. T_T. Never mind, whaddaya expect la kan, we are just a small country who is trying to get the place in the world cup, meanwhile Japan has established that long time back already. Anyway, good job Harimau Malaya, you guys have tried hard to score and defend. ( Actually, I am no good in commenting, but hell yeah who cares?;p)

comel kan. haha :D

Next come to the list: Finish up my readings. Ophthalmology.

Quite a lot actually, but yeah KITE BOLEYH OKAY! :D

You know what, I just realize one fact just now.

The more nearer I am to the exam, the more frequent I update my blog. 

This is how it goes.

The more nearer exam is,the more stressful I will be, 
The more stressful I become, the more typing or writing I'll do to lessen the mind bulk a bit. 

Note the last sentence k. Heee. Good night. Salam. :)

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