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Saturday, February 11, 2012

landscape. cycling. ice-blended.

Yesterday's evening event: Cycling around the Taman Desa Baru and MMMC. No pictures of the bike, but yeah I got a chance to capture the moments Syikin and I played in the playground. Love it. :).


With the ice-blended:)

Should do it often later, insyaAllah. It was so calm, watching how people spent their evenings. Some were jogging, some were gardening and others were talking and sitting at their own landscapes. Yeah LANDSCAPE. Speaking about landscape makes me so excited to tell you guys. I love to have landscape. If one day I have my own house, I wish to garden beautiful flowers and have my own landscape too. I can spend my tiring day there, watching over the flowers, feeding the fish in the man-built pond, and talking to my loved one there;). <3<3..

It's true:)

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