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Monday, February 6, 2012

Denyut Kasih Medik. Dup Dup Dup:)

Fuhhh so tired. Just came back from shoppinggg!! Hehe.. Forget the part that I lost Rm100++.. :(.. Hmm... Yeah, it's true, but alhamdulillah at least I got my purse back, I don't have to apply for new I/c again, senang kerja. But, sedekah je duit yang hilang too. InsyaAllah mungkin ada rezeki lain masa hadapan.:)..

Anyway, good news is, Syikin already has a car! A cute Kancil, Mrs Deer. :). So, it makes a lot more easier for us, to go somewhere in weekend or whatsoever.. Dapatlah tumpang kereta kawan:). Mun brought her Persona too for a long time, but since she quite frequently went back home, so can tumpang her car during weekdays and yeah some weekend too if she didn't go back.:). Thanks to Cimun and Ckin. Sebab korang dapatlah aku tengok melaka n shopping sikit bila weekend takdelah terperap dalam bilik hostel MMMC je.=p...

Last night, to celebrate the newcoming car, we went to Tutti Frutti, somewhere in Bukit Bruang. There were four of us, Ckin, Ira, Piah and I. :).. Some pics to be shared. =).
dap gilerrrrr

syikin wanzul, me bestie:)

safiah hasuni:)


Mine, jangan jeles.. :)

And as what I have planned, I already bought something too! Can't wait for the response. Lalalala..=).. Owh not to forget, I found an Eiffel Tower Replica- kinda- thing at New Jusco. So cute and stable! :) But it was about Rm50. Hmm, maybe when I have extra money next time, I can buy one for myself;)

currently reading the book:)

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