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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Goosebumps, when the song was sang for me from you yeah you yeah you not anyone else. :)

I don't mind if you have flat voice or not, I just love it. You are my addiction, baby.

When your eyes look through mine, I feel pretty and tachycardically special,

I feel happy, appreciated, being loved and cared by the most important guy in my life.

Never felt this way before. I admitted I've known many guys before but they are totally different

from you. You are so special to me. Very much.

Nothing much here. Just a confession I've made. May Allah s.w.t smoothen our way ameen:)

P/S: Sapa kata tak kena lagi? Dah kena p****g dah okay dengan budak paling gemuk dalam dunia;). no way out ;p. Warong kap as always:)

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