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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It is raining outside, not a heavy one, just enough to make you feel like getting into the bed and curl up like a lazy prawn beneath the thick comforter. So heaven. The wall clock is tickling, showing that it is already 5.02 pm in the evening. I don't know what is my mood now, just neutral I guess. But, regarding the rain, yeahh I love the raindrops and love watching over the rain. If you guys ever read my tweet, let's climb to the roof, so that we can feel the raindrops together very close:)*mode:It's raining!!!! =)
Hey, facepalm! Dreaming again, huh nurul fitrilina? =p. I turn around and look the condition of my room. So messy, but you know why? It wasn't my fault! Haha, today I was posted to Muar Hospital, so I had to wake up earllyyyy in the morning, and thus I had to rush and went for the bus, so the room was messy as I couldn't tidy up my room first before going out. Will do it later, but now, I want to enjoy this rain. :)

Sessional examination is just around the corner. As everybody has noticed and aware, the exam schedule is as follows:
I am not really in the 'ready ready ready mode'. yeah it is true. :( I do studying but it's too much to be covered up all within one week duration. ( actually less than one week to be exact.). But well, at least I have had the spirit to work hard, it is just okay already right? :) I don't want to score distinction as some students wish, but at least getting the mark within the passing rate is just a good achievement to me. Medicine is not about you passing high marks, it's more of either you pass or fail. Hmm, I know it sounds like scary when I stress the word FAIL, but hell yeah just DON'T GIVE UP dude! 

Study hard as maximum as you can, struggle and just semangat3 as infinity as you can. Allah swt has mentioned in the Al- Quran,

Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib suatu kaum kecuali kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah apa apa yang pada diri mereka ; surah ar-ra'd : 11.

So, let's change and be hardworking from now on! ;) It's not easy to gain what you want, if you really wish to get that, you will put so much efforts to finally grab what you want and make them yours. :)

It can be many things. Success is one of it. The one you love can also be the next example. I will not explain details about this, because most of us has experienced this right. Tepuk dada tanyalah hati awak- awak semua. :)

Okay, enough babbling, now we move on to the thing that I have promised you guys before. Regarding the pictures of a 'thing' I bought in Pasar Malam that day! Heee, yeahhh it is actually an alive FISH! and I already have the name for it after thinking and thinking for so many times and after discussing with him, I finally came out to the conclusion to name my fish as 'TROY'. teeheee, Troy suits him best. The handsome one, the charming one, and the cool one. :) Here's the picture.:)

meet my Troy. ;)

That's all for today. See you guys again. Salam.:)

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