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Sunday, February 19, 2012


There's few things in mind, that haunts me. I never blame you, it's not your fault at all, even not mine and not theirs too. It's just that, simple things that have pointed it to be like, yeah she likes you. I admit that I am jealous regarding this matter, but I also definitely know where you heart belongs, you have told me million times, and I have put that in my heart too. :) But, yeah I am a woman, and woman gets jealous easily, so it is actually a normal kinda thing. But, just want to make everything clear about this, I am okay with this, I just have to bear with it. :) Just like you have beared with things that come in my life before you. If you could face, why don't I? ;)). They may search you, find you, chat with you or maybe call you, but whatever it is, I have told myself so many times that, you and I have exchanged our hearts, remember? =)

Regarding today's activity, I have bought tickets from Kedah back to Malacca. Not a very long holiday anyway, it just A WEEK OKAYYYYY. Just be patient, this is what medical students should bear with. :) Semangat! =) And right after that, we( Syikin, Syaima, Kak Maryam,Me) went to find a famous coconut milk shake in Batu Berendam, Melaka. But, it was not our lucky day, the shop was closed. But fortunately, there was Pasar Malam near there, and I bought something there. I will post the photo later. Surprise! :)

this is today's dinner. yeah for this, I can upload the photo. Nasi Kerabu,. Jeles much? ;p

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