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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Surgery end- posting examination, just ended today. Yeah it was all about luck. Dr.Myat( Lecturer from Myanmar) took my end posting. There was issue actually regarding my end posting. Something to do with ICU room, we could not enter the room but we DIDN'T EVEN KNOW we are not allowed to be inside there but to make the story spicy, I took my case in the room, taking history of a cooperative pak cik about 70 years old. Bla bla and bla, they scolded me, but I told them again , I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT, and finally it seemed that Dr. Myat and Dr. Saw( the other lecturer from Myanmar, he's very nice. hee) understood. Yeah, a little bit misunderstanding about this. Surgery department should inform the students at the very first place about this. All in all, Dr. Myat didn't even comment a thing. He just nodded along my history presentation and just nodded during my general and abdominal examination. Only a question that was asked to me: The investigations. I answered all but I forgot to mention about CT Scan which was actually an important point for acute pancreatitis. Not even a single theory question he asked to me. It was either, he was too satisfied, or too bored. I hope the earlier one was the right one. @_@.

Thanks Ya Allah, I finally did that. Even though I didn't know the outcome yet. Million thanks to him for helping me listing down all the acute pancreatitis even though Dr. Myat didn't ask me that.. Heee.. I forgot about what I have read the night before. Maybe, super- added nervousness and trembling did that. Thanks dear for being there. ( and thanks God he was there that time in the same ward). :)..

I have had usrah just now. We watched an Indonesian movie entitled Delisa. So touched. :") But I didn't finish watching since it was Maghrib already. I will continue maybe later. Good lessons and great story. You guys should watch, too. It was something related to the previous tests and pain that Acheh people suffered before because of the big tsunami on December 2006.

Gotta stop. I didn't even take my bath yet. Haha. end-posting-syndrome can't help it. Gotta finish my surgery portfolio too.

Well, guys, refer 7:179. Lessons I learnt today:)

Oh yeah, sorry can't help again. I am currently in love with Taylor Swift new song. Safe and Sound. Heeee... She' s so cute!! Adorable. :)

P/s: Thanks luv, you are super sweet for the message you've sent to me. <3<3<3.

Okay, jum mandi. ! (^_^)

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